Fall 2018 - Physics Colloquium Series

The Physics Department at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology will be offering 40 minute lectures in the EE/Physics building as part of the George A. Gamow Colloquium Series. There will be a variety of presenters including faculty and Graduate Students, as well as guest physicists. Listed below are the dates with the presenter for the day and the title of their talk.

Date Presenter Presentation Time Room Number
Jan. 14th Dr. Steve Smith 2018 Noble Prize in Physics : Squeezing Photons in Time and Space 4pm EEP 252
Jan. 28th Dr. Andrew Smith The Past, Present, and Future of Secondary Physics Education 4pm EEP 252
Feb. 11th canceled TBD 4pm EEP 252
Feb. 25th Dr. Aaron Manalaysay Exploring the Dark-Matter Landscape 4pm EEP 252
March 11th Tyler Liebsch TBD 4pm EEP 252
March 18th Jason Stock TBD 4pm EEP 252
April 8th Realization of spin-gapless semiconductivity and half-metallicity in Heusler compounds: Half-metallicity in CoFeCrAl films Dr. Parashu Kharel 4pm EEP 252
April 22nd Tom Kadlecek TBD 4pm EEP 252