Robert Corey


Ph.D., Physics Washington University, USA
Research Interests: Solid state nuclear magnetic resonance, Characterization of electronic and structural materials

Andrew Detwiler

Emeritus Professor

Ph.D., Atmospheric Sciences SUNY Albany, USA (1980)
Research Interests: Atmospheric physics, particularly the microphysics of aerosols and clouds, and thunderstorm electrification.

Michael Foygel

Emeritus Professor

D.Sc., Physics St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute, Russia (1986)
Research Interests: Theory of electronic phenomena in semiconductors, Electrical conductivity, Light absorption, Photoluminiscence, Photocondicivity

Andre Petukhov

Department Chair/Professor

Ph.D., Physics State Technical University (Leningrad Polytechnic Institute), St. Petersburg, Russia (1981)
Research Interests: Theory of electronic materials and devices, Electronic structure and transport properties of solids, Semiconductor spintronics, Magnetic nanostructures and heterostructures, Quantum computing

Vladimir Sobolev


M.S., Physics Kharkov State University, Ukraine
Ph.D., Physical and Mathematical Sciences Physics and Technology Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (Habilitation Degree) The Supreme Attestation Committee of the USSR
Research Interests: Magnets, Ferroelectrics, Magnetoelectrics, Magnetic semiconductors

Rafal Oszwaldowski

Assistant Professor
Semiconductor Spintronics Research Group

Ph.D., Physics N. Copernicus University, Torun, Poland
Research Interests: Semiconductor spintronics and quantum computing.